Wednesday, January 22, 2003

So the first day at this job was pretty silly. I was supposed to be in the legal department, just scanning lots of documents and organizing computer files. But they weren't at all ready for me -- no computer, no nothing. So I hung around for a few hours (luckily I never go anywhere without a book) until they said they wouldn't be able to get anything set up until the end of the day, so I came home. I'll give it another shot tomorrow. Google seems like a pretty neat place to work, though. Food is definitely their biggest perk. They're served gourmet lunches every day and the kitchens have enough stuff for you to get the rest of your meals there, too, if you wanted. Very cool, though I'm sure there are lots of people who just basically live there at work, which was probably the whole idea behind feeding them so well in the first place. There's also a gym. And I like the decorations, with lots of happy colors, beach balls, lava lamps and other silly things all over.

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