Sunday, January 26, 2003

The Doghouse was pretty fun last night. I was very grateful to Jeff Lee for giving me a ride (along with the Tinas) so that I didn't have to drive up to SF and back. We didn't arrive until after 10, though, which is too bad, because I really start to slow down by then if I'm not already dancing or something. But I had a good time. The dancers there are just amazing. It's rather awe-inspiring and rather intimidating. I wish I could swing dance like that -- it would be fun to do and it would make it easier for me to ask strangers to dance. There's so much to learn there but I can't quite pick it up. I wish I could just videotape the whole evening so I could sit down later and pull new moves out of it. So anyway, I danced some and watched some and after a while started just really itching for a good waltz. Normally you're out of luck if you want a waltz at the Doghouse, but the second to last dance was a fairly mellow swing which little Tina and I managed to turn into a hemiolified cross-step. Steering was an interesting challenge around all the swing dancers, but it was a nice waltz anyway, so I was happy.

This afternoon I'm going to Monee and Pa's for a bit of a visit, some grandmother food and maybe some cookie baking. Thanks to my boundless lack of attention to sports, I only recently realized there would be a Superbowl going on today, however for once I have an opinion on who should win. I'm hoping it will be Oakland, on the theory that people will stay out later partying, giving me a chance to drive home before all the drunk people hit the roads. We'll see.

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