Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Computers are annoying sometimes. Not mine. Mine is nice. It's the ones at the library, where I volunteer, that bug me. We've had more people coming in recently to work on reading or learning English, and that's good. But the computers are acting up now in mysterious ways, and that's bad. Oh well. That's enough of that. I'm home now, so I'll stop being frustrated.

On a more interesting note, I read something intriguing in the liner notes to my Ginastera CD. It mentioned how he was influenced by Kodaly and Bartok and their use of folk music, but then adds that Ginastera "creates his own brand of 'imaginary folklore.'" When I stop to think about it, I guess that doesn't really convey a whole lot of actual information about his music, but for some reason I still really like the concept. It sounds like the kind of music I'd like to write. I'll store that away in my brain somewhere, until the next time I do any composing.

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