Thursday, July 21, 2005

Steppin' Out

I'd been hearing about Steppin' Out, a relatively new dance venue in Sunnyvale, for a while, and I finally got around to checking it out last night. Wednesday nights are Lindy Hop nights, though they've got lots of other dances all through the week. I might consider doing West Coast Swing on Mondays, especially since it's Richard Kear who's teaching. There's also Hustle on Tuesdays and Salsa some other time, both of which I should take some actual lessons in eventually. Lindy Hop is what I've most had a hankering for recently, though. Too bad it's on Wednesdays, since that makes for a very long day after work and library. Still, I liked it a lot there, in spite of a somewhat small crowd. I might make that my swing outlet for a while, instead of Swing Central, though I'd have to reschedule my library nights if I wanted to take lessons. There's just too much for me to balance with dance these days. I haven't been feeling like devoting more than one or two evenings a week to dancing, and in that time I'm torn between doing things I'm comfortable with and just having fun, or taking lessons in things I don't know so much (like Hustle or Salsa, which wouldn't be as fun, at least not for a while). Plus, with whatever I choose, I have to consider conflicts with things like library volunteer nights and Irish sessions nights. Argh. But, as always, better too many choices than too few.

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Stephen said...

Boy, I saw the "I might have to reschedule my library night" thing and just thought, this guy must be crazy, scheduling a night of reading at the library???, but then the volunteering part came up and it all made sense.

Speaking of spending days reading at the library, I think I will do that today, it's the only totally quiet spot I can get at. No interuptions, no illiterates thinking I'm crazy for reading (or being jealous of me reading, I can never tell which), no sirens, nothing! Oh and FREE BOOKS (pretty much, anyway)!!! Library's rule!