Monday, April 18, 2005

Oh My Aching Legs

We had a team outing today at work and played dodge-ball. I hadn't played that since elementary school, and it was a blast. Of course, it was rather different than the simple circle game I remember doing back then, since we did the kind with two teams on opposite sides of a basketball court, trying to knock each other out. More fun this way, I think. I can't throw worth beans, unfortunately, but I like the running and dodging parts. (Most of the times I got out it was because of someone catching my poor throw, rather than getting hit.) I didn't get very winded, but I do have some pretty sore muscles. Mostly in my legs, since they had more constant exertion/impact, but I think my right arm will be doing stuff to me tomorrow. Coming back and sitting at work for the rest of the afternoon didn't help either. I could hardly get down the stairs to come home, I was so stiff. Urrrrgh. It was worth it, though.

Update from Tuesday night: Swing dancing with such sore legs can kind of work. But an hour-long charleston lesson... not so much.

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