Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool's Roundup

Some of my favorites from the April Fool's Day amusements so far:
  • BoringBoring, a hilarious parody of BoingBoing, even down to the ads.
  • GoogleGulp, an okay concept but the FAQ was what really made it funny.
  • A new set of "life hacks" from 43 Folders.
  • Yahoo! Slacker, "unless [they] don't finish it in time...."
  • Scientific American gives up and goes with creationism.
  • This wrench I found hiding under my windshield wipers. Probably not an April Fool's prank (more likely left behind accidentally after the last time in the shop) but randomly amusing just the same. You could only see it if you looked in at just the right angle, which is why I hadn't noticed it before.
Tonight is Friday Night Waltz, which will supposedly have many silly songs to be danced to. That should be fun.

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