Saturday, May 08, 2004

Where in the World is Testimony A Cappella?

There were far too many things going on this evening, and up until literally about 8 p.m. it was almost a three way tie for what I would actually end up doing. Well okay, the Alameda waltz was actually pretty low on the list, but a contra dance with the Hillbillies from Mars was a very strong contender. In the end though, Testimony's spring show won out, and I'm very glad it did.

The theme for the show was "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?" and the skits involved a detective tracing down the criminal who stole Stanford University. There were clues, mimes, silly accents, and altos trying valiantly to imitate very tall buildings. And of course, as always, the singing was wonderful. But most of all I was glad to hear Tina sing Fool for You, which I had only ever heard on their CD. Somehow, that made me happier than anything else in the entire delightful show, and probably even anything within recent memory. Yay Tina!

Anyway, it is now very much time for me to go to bed. I've been low on sleep recently, it's past my bedtime, and I've got a big day tomorrow. I just had to share the happy first.

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Juka said...

I'm glad you came! It was really good to see you.