Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Continuing Continuing Studies

I got the Stanford Continuing Studies course catalog in the mail the other day. We're only about half-way through this quarter, but registration for the next starts on the 17th. The summer quarter will only be about half as long, but I think I'll still probably sign up for something. I've enjoyed taking classes again, so I'd like to keep it up. Here are the choices I'm looking at: Right now I think I'm mostly leaning towards the Magic Realism class. I've been starting to read more fiction recently, and that's always been a style that I've liked. But I'll think about it all a bit before I register.


B. said...

Have you read any Alice Hoffman, Gabriel Garcia Marquez? Two of my favs :)

Quena said...

Oooo I love Magic Realism. I vote for that one :-)

Trish said...

And don't forget Charles DeLint.
Boy, now I've got a list of reading ideas just from your comments!

its all over said...

Hello sexy. I opt for the cultural studies - I find that interesting, but your other blogs point you towards the magic thing don't they....
Nice blog.

I'll be watching you ;-)