Saturday, April 17, 2004

Clash of the Swings

At the Swing Kids dance last night I danced a couple West Coast Swings with Susanna, who's also taking the Thursday night class that I'm in. I was actually kind of surprised that, after only three classes, we already know enough to dance some complete dances and have fun with it. I don't know if I'm looking very west-coasty yet, though. I think style is going to be at least as much, if not more, of a learning project as the steps. Right now I have a hard time keeping the Lindy Hop out of the way, because it's so easy for me to slip into that. But something I noticed last night surprised me, which was that West Coast was actually creeping into my Lindy Hop a little bit as well, in the form of some very slotted swing-outs. That's not a huge deal except for the fact that, each time I noticed it, I would get temporarily confused and fumble something up until I remembered exactly what I was doing. Oh well. It was a fun dance last night, and I think it's promising that I'm starting to enjoy West Coast already.

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