Thursday, April 29, 2004

Last Coast Swing

We had the last West Coast class tonight. Five weeks was not nearly enough -- I've got a fair amount of stuff that I can do now, and I'm ready to start figuring out how to actually do it well (and learn more, of course). It was just fun, too. I'll have to look for other classes or something. In the meantime though, it will be a very waltzy weekend, with *two* extra Friday Night Waltzes (one is in disguise as a Saturday Night Waltz). So that will be fun. [Update: I seem to have been confused about that Saturday Night Waltz, which turns out to be the 8th, rather than the 1st. Still too many conflicting events for me to go to it, though.]

Oh, and since I can't get away without at least mentioning it: yes, it was a very exciting day at Google today. You can read the S-1 online (all 160-something pages of it) if you're really interested. should be working again I think, after the hammering it took this morning. :-)

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