Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It's ready!
Pea Flower
Pea Plants
I think peas really have to be just about the best plants ever. Lacey gave me a couple small Cascadia Bush Snap Peas about a month ago, and I got to pick and eat the first one last night. I love these little plants. This is how awesome they are:
  • They grow quickly.
  • Their vines climb with delightful little grasping tendrils. (I always think vines are wonderful.)
  • You get to build trellises for them (or, in my case, tie crazy arrangements of string and sticks to balcony railings).
  • The flowers are adorable.
  • The peas are delicious!
I mean, really, what more could you want?

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Erin said...

how fun!! I wish I were around this more this summer to finally start up a little veggie garden. BUT, I am traveling and just so happen to be in CALIFORNIA starting in just twelve hours! ha! (yes, I am up packing last minute.) I'm planning on going to the fnw in pa on 6-3. Will you be there? Pretty pretty please?? :)