Sunday, June 08, 2008

Not 30 Yet

For such a solid-seeming number, 28 turned out to be my most unstable, changeable year probably since 23 or so. (I realize now that it makes more sense if you realize that 28 is numerologically related to 10 - The Wheel of Fortune.) You can never really tell whether changes are ultimately good or bad, but some of them were certainly more pleasant than others. One relationship ended and another began. One job ended and has not yet been replaced, though that's still okay. I got another regular volunteer gig instead. I've been to four new countries. I survived an accident that my car didn't. I got 20/20 vision. I learned to meditate.

Looking at that brief list as a whole, I think I have a lot to be thankful for and happy about. There have been times when I've forgotten that, though -- times when I was too shaken by the things that didn't make me happy or thankful, or times when I was simply too caught up in the raw change and uncertainty to notice. It's been that sort of a year.

I don't have a lot of inherent associations with 29, other than it being some sort of morbid gateway to 30 (yeah, you over-30's can laugh at me). But it's also an 11 - Justice. So perhaps it will be a year for regaining focus and clarity, for doing the right thing(s) with confidence. I'll take that.


Kimmy said...

Happy Birthday Graham!

Lacey said...

Happy birthday indeed! I knew my month of being only a year younger than you was too good to last. :P (Though for some reason, 27 just doesn't seem to fit me; I've been thinking of myself as 28 ever since I finished being 26...)

Lara said...

happy birthday! i hope 29 treats you well. :)

tpiglette said...

Happy Birthday from me too! :)

(By the way, it took me 4 tries to type the word verification word correctly. Wow.)

cristie said...

29 is a good year. :) I think also that knowing that 30 is coming soon moves one towards making the most of the last year of being in one's 20's. I'm actually rather excited about turning 30 too, but I feel like 29 for me was a good year for discovering balance and doing some good internal explorations. And it sounds like you're well on the way to some good explorations too. :)

Happy birthday!