Thursday, January 24, 2008

Looking for a New Car

I'm still dealing with insurance stuff after the accident, which is something I could just as happily never have to do again. AAA actually gave me a pretty generous evaluation of Gloria's value, though their cutoff on what they'll pay for repairs is rather lower than that total value. Today I heard back from the shop that they found suspension damage as well, which raises the estimate considerably, and more to the point, puts it over what AAA will cover. My options at this point are:

(A) Take a check for the amount AAA is willing to give me for repairs, pay the rest out of pocket, and get Gloria fixed. She'll have a salvage title, putting her value down to a fraction of what it was. Pros: I can probably get lower insurance premiums for a salvaged car, and of course I'd get to keep Gloria. Cons: I'd be out at least a few hundred dollars. I wouldn't get very much insurance coverage at all for future accidents and probably wouldn't be able to sell her for much if I wanted to.

(B) Take a check for the (larger) amount AAA is willing to give me for totaling Gloria (which includes the salvage price, since they tow her away). Then go buy a new car. Pros: More money from AAA. Could end up with a decent enough car. Cons: Don't know if I'll be able to get as good a deal as Gloria for the price. Have to go car shopping with a limited amount of time (I get to keep the rental car for a week now, though I'll ask if I can extend it). No more Gloria. :-(

So option (B) seems like the most reasonable way to go, though I'm not too happy about it coming to this. If you happen to know of anyone selling a decent used car in the $5,000 range, let me know. Meanwhile, I'll be on Craigslist.

Oh, and I heard from the insurance company of the fellow who hit me. He's claiming a bus hit him first, sending him out of control. Entirely possible, since I didn't see what went on behind me, but I know there were multiple vehicles involved. Better than being drunk, I suppose, though who knows what the bus was up to at the time.


tmb said...

Man, good luck! I just recently sold my car, otherwise I'd offer to sell it to you =) And we've been dealing with a lot of car insurance mess (which I may blog about, not sure yet), so I feel your pain on that one.

Rosa C said...

I totally understand you. I have been in a similar situation. I am
hoping for a positive change in the insurance policies, all of them.

Rosa C

Anonymous said...

Love from an old man.