Thursday, May 10, 2007

Post-It Doodles

Post-It Doodles My post-it-fu is not exactly of the same sort as Lara's, but they do bring out the doodler in me. Especially when, say, I'm the only person on time for a meeting or something. I've had a bunch of these stuck around my desk at work and they've started falling off, so I thought I'd scan a few for posterity. In case, you know, posterity is interested in this kind of thing.

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Lara said...

yet another way that post-its are powerful. see? the awesomeness never ends...

and actually, i used a post-it again today (but only for good). my CT was clearly leading the class to a close around 2:25, because she thought we ended at 2:30. seeing this coming, i quickly scribbled on a post-it: "you know we end at 2:55, right?" i walked over to where she was standing as she quizzed the kids and stuck it to her answer sheet. she was able to segue smoothly into a new activity for the class without any students the wiser. later, she expressed major gratitude for my reminder. :) go post-its!