Thursday, February 15, 2007

Try to Find Me

Inspired by Lara's post on the same subject, I thought I'd list some of the more amusing searches that have led folks to my blog recently.

help i have too many books
Do you want a support group or someone to take them off your hands? I could probably go for either option.

a spell to ask for a particular thing
First step: decide which particular thing it is that you want.

paranormal monee
My grandmother is not paranormal. (At least, I think not.) Though on further Googling, I learned that Monee is actually a town in Illinois.

mandolin noises
I sound better than that, really.

today is my last day
And you're spending it reading my blog? Go out and tell your family you love them or something.

screwing at the contra dance
You, too. Go away. It's not that kind of a dance.

a sentence with the word iconoclast in it
"'Hello,' said I. 'Hello,' replied the iconoclast." (Courtesy of Rhymes with Orange, though I can no longer find the link to the exact strip.)

enunciation work on
Grammar fix you should first, Yoda.

they might be giants lindy hop
Off the top of my head, all I can think of is Too Cool Girls with the Velcro Horns. Any other ideas? (Miriam?)

concentrate on being good
I don't know if surfing the web will help with this. Though my blog is probably a safe place to land, amid all the smut and evil out there.

c.s. lewis terrarium
Really? He's in a terrarium? I don't actually know what to make of this.

cleopatra actual replica
Is "actual replica" an oxymoron or a tautology?

what is good for your false vocal chords
Singing songs about lies?


AdamTest said...

Quite clever and entertaining, Graham!

I'd do the same with my blog... but, alas, I'm afraid a great many of the phrases bringing people to my site aren't, uh, family friendly. I never shoulda written those entries on Booble or Canadian strippers.

Hey... wait a minute... maybe, virus-like, this'll infect your blog now as well? :O

PEOPLE! There are no naked photos of Britney Spears or any sort of free porn on Graham's blog. Really!

Lara said...

ha! i find these sorts of things hilarious. i'll have to make metadata a regular feature of the blog. :)

Miriam said...

Not much, really. Deluded has a cool choreo to Snail Shell, but it's WCS, and I'm not sure it could feel enough like lindy to pass. You might be able to do something lindyish with the other bluesy ones like Lie Still Little Bottle, Empty Bottle Collector, or S-E-X-X-Y, but they'd be slow and oozy, not upbeat and bouncy. Ooh, it might be fun to do lindy to Ondine. A bit slow, but all those breaks...and maybe charleston to The Rolling O?