Sunday, August 13, 2006


So far this weekend I've had at least three separate people come up and express to me how sad they are that I'm moving to Seattle. Unfortunately, no one has yet been able to tell me when I'm moving, which is a bit worrisome, since I haven't started packing. I'm still trying to track down a decent "why," as well as the "when," but all we really seem to have so far is the "who" and the "where." If anyone has any further details, please let me know. Luckily, Tracey has offered to put the entire dancing population of the bay area in a bus and haul everyone up to Seattle with me if I move there, which is nice, since I don't really want to leave here anyway.

Note: If anyone wants to help spread the alternative rumor, the story is that I married a biker chick, moved to Seattle to practice underwater welding, opened a motorcycle repair shop that went bust, and now am actually moving back to the bay area. Thanks to Lisa for helping sort this all out.


Lara said...

wait - you're moving?!

Tandava said...

Nope! I just found out I don't have to. It turns out there's another dancing Graham around here (who I don't know) and he's the one who's moving. I'm safe!

Coila said...

Lol. Good thing you're not moving afterall.

AdamTest said...

I'm just here:
1) To say I'm happy you're not leaving the Bay Area.
2) To provide some gender balance in the comments :p

Borden said...

Well, am I jealous. Tracey never offered to put everyone on a boat and send them to London. It would be wonderful to get a Gaskell road show every now and again.