Friday, September 30, 2005

Close Encounters of the Authorial Kind

Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman came to Google today to give a short talk and read a bit from his new book Anansi Boys. He actually spoke a lot about blogging, and how he credits his blog with helping him get to the top of the NYT bestseller list. Some of us on the Blogger team got to have lunch with him and talk a bit, which was fun, though he didn't have much time to stay. Heck, we would have kept him there all afternoon if we could have. But anyway, it was neat to get to meet him. And I definitely feel like (re)reading some more of his books now, too.

To tell the truth, I hadn't been that keen on reading Anansi Boys at first, since it sounded a lot like American Gods (the covers even look the same, which I think was a poor design decision on somebody's part). But he described it as being more humorous than American Gods and I very much enjoyed the part that he read. So I went ahead and got it from as my next audio book. I'm kind of bummed it's not Neil Gaiman himself reading it, since he was doing a great job on the few pages he read us, but we'll see what this Lenny Henry guy sounds like.

Coraline In other Neil Gaiman news, the movie of MirrorMask comes out tonight; I'm going to see it tomorrow. And something that amused me: He signed my copy of Coraline with a drawing of a mouse. (Or is it a rat? I don't know. Whatever. I like it.)

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