Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Swingout Variations Your Mama Never Taught You

I started a new series of swing lessons last night, taught by some folks named Todd and Dorota, who are apparently American Lindy Hop Champions. I'm taking both the class with the above title and the one on "Wraps, Twists, Turns, & Traps." Both are pretty fun so far, and I like the pace. We got two really good moves in each of the classes, which was a bit challenging (I didn't entirely get the last one) but gave me a lot to work with. So it should be a fun few weeks. My brain might get full and start leaking, but I'd rather be taught more than I can absorb than not get enough to fill me up.

And speaking of dancing, Big Dance is coming up this Friday/Saturday. Nine solid hours of dancing fun. Yay! If I make it all night, this will be my sixth year in a row.

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