Friday, December 03, 2004

Eddie From Ohio

Somebody at work today told me about a band called Eddie From Ohio. So I listened to one of their albums (yay for iTunes music sharing!) and I'm completely hooked now. It was one of those times when I just had a reaction like "Why have I never heard of these people before? They're awesome!" There have been three or four songs already that literally made me laugh out loud. They've got a great sound with lots of energy and some nice arrangements. I think they're sort of in a "folk rock" kind of category. I'm seriously going to go out and buy a stack of their albums this weekend. They're just too much fun.

Link: Eddie From Ohio. (All flash-based and with background music. Sorry.)

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Anonymous said...

Apparently clicking the top link of "recent posts" doesn't necessarily mean the MOST recent posts... so I accidentally commented on your November 21st entry! Sorry about that!