Friday, July 16, 2004


As much as I'm not a swearing sort of person, I can still be amused by it sometimes. Especially when it involves kids who don't yet have (or are afraid to use) the usual vocabulary.

I was at Patrick's Irish session last night and his 7 year old twin boys were in the next room watching the Giants game, and we could hear some of their commentary between tunes. At one point, the bases were loaded with two outs, and somebody struck out who shouldn't have. In amongst the cries of despair from the boys I heard "What the blooey?!?" That just cracked me up.

It reminds me of one of my step cousins, when he was about that age, or a bit younger. When he really had to let off steam he'd yell "Poop darn it!" Ah, kids.


kimbalina said...

So cute! I love it!

Amelie Verges said...

That's great! - I have to say I used to do it too. Around my parents (so I didn't swear around them... now I'm less bothered and I do swear around them O:-) ) I started using words which fitted in instead... The word humph fits in great for most swear words - "I can humphing do what I humphing well like" or "I can humph if I humphing well want to" or "Ugh, your such a humpher. Humph off" It's great.