Saturday, October 25, 2003

Candy Corn

I'm not big on costumes. I enjoy seeing them on other people, but I don't care for putting in the effort to get them together and actually wear them myself. For some reason, it's a form of creativity that has never quite appealed to me very much. This tends to be a problem around Hallowe'en, when it results in me feeling abnormally unfestive. It's more of a problem when I want to go to a costume ball, like the Hallowe'en Contradance tonight. (This will be my first time going to this dance -- in the past I've generally gone to the Hallowe'en Gaskells, which is always the same night.) I could probably just go without a costume, if I wanted, but that seems rather unsporting of me. So I was wandering around a couple stores this morning, trying to have an inspired idea for a clever costume that I could also dance in (this includes being able to wear my glasses with it, so no masks).

I was inspired by, of all things, candy corn. I was near a WalMart at the time, so I headed in there. The orange shirt was the first thing I found. It even had the added benefit of saying "This is my costume" across the front of it, which I figured would come in handy if I couldn't find the rest of the stuff I needed. The hat that I found next was perfect in that it's white and pulls down snugly over my head. It's less than perfect in that it's a warm, woolen hat, which will be less than fun for dancing in. Oh well. The yellow pants were the hard part. Just as I was about to despair of my plan, I found them. The boys section had a couple pairs of very yellow athletic pants, and the largest size (for ages 12-14) turned out to fit me perfectly. There are advantages to being small sometimes. Everything turned out to be on sale, too, which was pretty cool.

So now I have an outfit that looks pretty much exactly like something I would never wear in real life, and it should even work fine for dancing (I'll take off the hat if I start to get heatstroke). It even looks remotely like candy corn. It'll be interesting to see how many people get it. It should be fun.

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