Friday, September 12, 2003

What was the name of that tune?

Tonight at the Irish session, Ernest decided to make a list of all the titles that tunes ought to have. At times he amused himself so much that half of the session would collapse, and the rest of us would just barely finish the tune before demanding to know what was so funny. So now any of us who feel like composing have plenty of material to work from, including the following titles:

Why Do You Want to Know?
Does It Really Matter?
You Asked Me That Last Week
I Forget
It's in O'Neill's
They All Sound the Same to Me
If I Told You, You'd Just Forget It Again
Polkas Have Names?

Okay, so maybe that's mostly just funny to us, but we were all highly amused. Everything's funnier in the general silliness that periodically creeps over Patrick's sessions. I love it. Come to think of it, it's just been a good day today. Between the session, Stealth Disco, and Tina introducing me to, there has certainly been more than a usual portion of laughs. (That's another funny site, check it out.) Very good day indeed.

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