Monday, December 16, 2002

So I had a doozy of a trip into work today. First of all, this is a new temp job, so I'm going to a place in Menlo Park that I've never been before. I get off 101 and try to turn onto the street the company is on, but it's been flooded and blocked off. So I try to find another way in. It turns out that the only other entrance to that street is a couple more miles down 101. So I get back on and the traffic is getting worse, and I find the other end of the street, go down it for a while and then find myself at the end of a long line of cars. Meanwhile I've called the company and found out that the street is actually closed on both sides. So I manage to turn around and go back to the other end (takes a long time now -- the traffic is even worse) because I think it's actually closer to the building I'm trying to get to. But still, once I manage to park in a random lot somewhere, I have to walk about a mile, skirting flooded bits of road to get to work. Golly. I was pretty darn late, but most other people were, too. Later on some people managed to get cars in, so the rest of us got rides back to our cars in the evening (which was good, since it was raining a lot harder by then). So it was quite a start to the day. I wish I could just stay here inside, bundle up with a book and listen to the rain on my skylight now, but I've got to go out to teach a music lesson tonight. Oh well. I'll come back and be warm and cozy afterwards.

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