Sunday, October 13, 2002

I ended up not going to the Berkeley Waltz night on Friday. I was too tired and didn't want to deal with the drive, plus a lot of friends from here at Stanford decided not to go. But I went to Dance Lab and later had a nice evening hanging out with Tina instead.

I did, however, go to the contra dance last night, and that was fun. Stump Tail Dog was playing. Listening to Dan always makes me want to start writing more tunes. I'll have to get him to teach me a bunch of his at camp this year.

On Saturday morning I had tried to go to the Palo Alto flea market, in search of rugs for my room, but when I got there I found that it was actually on Sunday. Grr. I would have liked to have slept in on Saturday. But anyway, I went back this morning, not being too hopeful, since usually at flea markets you find things you're not looking for. But as soon as I got there I started seeing rugs all around. A lot of them were way too expensive, but I did find a couple nice ones and now my room is much nicer and I am quite pleased.

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