Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Alright, just because I haven't posted for a while. Did you know that my full name can be rearranged to spell "slosh a warm dragon"? Or "oh, worms as garland." Or, perhaps best of all, "world has an orgasm." Wow. I knew I was put here on Earth to do big things, but... gee golly.

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Miriam said...

Nice title. I'm still laughing about the third one. :)

Here are some others I liked:
-Dragons show alarm.
-Shows a grand moral.
-*Moral* dragons wash.
-Morals?! Dragonwash!
-War and morals, gosh.
-A rash man grows old.
-Old man grows a rash.
-Slash narrow dogma!
-No warm rash--so glad!
-Alas, gosh darn worm.
-Dash, worn as glamor. (That one only makes sense if you squint.)
-Arm has a longsword.
-Lord, show anagrams!