Thursday, August 04, 2005

GrooveLily and MP3tunes

Thanks to Adam, I've been listening a lot to a band called GrooveLily recently. They've got a bunch of free mp3s on their website, and then this week I finally went and got some of the complete albums. Lots of fun music, but it's the electric violin that I'm really loving. Take a look at this thing. From what I can tell, it's got six courses (sounds like a couple extra fifths below the usual range) and frets (!?). Look at what she has to do with her bow arm to get those low strings. I really want to try playing that. She can do some pretty incredible stuff with it, too.

If you want to hear some of their songs, go to their site, click on "Music" and then look for the "mp3" icons next to the songs. (I'd link directly to the page, but framed sites are sucky that way and I can't.) Some of my favorites available there are Live Through This, Phantom Lover, Apocalyptic Love Song, and Can't Go Home, so start with those.

While I'm here, I'll mention that the albums I bought I got from I've been wanting to try that site, and finally found that they had something I was looking for (though not the most recent album, unfortunately). I like the DRM-free downloads, and the 88¢/track ($8.88/album) price, so I'd recommend it for that. The shopping system could use a bit of work, though. There's no shopping cart to put stuff in, tally it up, and buy all at once, so it's difficult at first to figure out how much you're spending, or to change your mind about things. (I found out later that they send an email receipt with the day's purchases at midnight, though, which is a little bit helpful at least.) Still, overall it was a good way to get (legal) instant download gratification.


Natalie said...

Hmmmm, what kind of music do they do? Electric violins are possibly my favorite instruments.

Tandava said...

Most of the genre tags on the mp3s say "Pop," "Folk," or "Pop-Folk." So something like that. :-) Go listen to the samples on their website though. That's always easier than trying to describe music. You'll like it.

Stephen said...

and frets (!? <--definitely! Wow!)

Check out a girl named Vanessa Mae, I'm not sure where to get images of it, but she has this amazing CLEAR violin. It sounds excellent, and she's a great violinist.

You should check out some of her songs. There's one called Devil's Trill, which I like. Also her Tocatta and Fugues is great and something I want to hear now. Damn! I'm not really much for her pop/techoish stuff, but she's good enough at violin to make up for it. Give her a listen, if you don't like those two songs, you didn't lose much. :)