Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Funny Gym

Dani was at the library tonight, so I was playing with her in between doing things like reinstalling OS 9 on ancient iMacs. Somehow or other, the subject of my weight came up, so I was joking that I only weigh one gram (since I'm exactly one Graham). Dani started to ask me if I exercise, and then seemed to have a bright idea about something.

Dani: Do you go to the Funny Gym?
Me: I don't think so. What's the Funny Gym?
Dani: You know. That's where they teach you to be funny and to be a good friend to kids and stuff.
Me: No, it sounds like fun, but I'm afraid I've never been there.
Dani (very insistent): But you have! That's why you're so good at it!


Some day I expect Dani will be a teenager and discover all the cute stories I've written about her here and be absolutely mortified. Oh well. She'll live. :-)


Miriam said...

Awwww is right. That is SO SWEET. And I don't think Teenage Dani would be so embarrassed to see cute stories about herself online. In fact, it seems like just the thing to fuel a mad crush. You know..."He likes me! He really likes me! *squee* He's so dreamy!" Good luck with that. ;)

Tandava said...

Hmm, except that by the time she's a teenager, I'll be over 30. I think that'll put me a bit past the dreamy stage.

Michael said...

That brings up an importnat point. What are our younger generations going to think of us when they can look back years and years and see what we were REALLY like? Will it be good or terribly awful? Will they learn from our mistakes or use our faults as excuses to make their own...