Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Cousin Central

Cristie and Paul came up last night and we all went to Swing Central together. I've been meaning to start doing more swing dancing lately, so it was fun to do that and see them both. They took the drop-in beginning class and I watched Kevin and Carla's intermediate lesson. I'm definitely thining about signing up for the next series when it starts. Lots of cool stuff to learn there.

One odd thing about the dance was that during the whole time (except the lessons) there was a projector showing videos of the U.S. Open competition on the wall, without sound. A couple times, everyone even stopped dancing entirely to watch a particular couple or group. But the sound was off, of course, because of the music that was playing for us to dance to. So it was absolutely bizarre to watch choreographies to the wrong music. Sometimes things would seem to line up in phrases and almost work, which in a way was almost more confusing, because then it just seemed like a not-so-good choreography, rather than something that was clearly mismatched. Weird.

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